One of the great pastime hobbies for many is to “cruise” through the online real estate listings and see some fantastic properties up for sale. It’s fun. Hey, it is nighttime reading for this writer!

So many great places to peek in at. Ranches, mansions, writer’s studios, commercial properties, farms, lake houses, converted churches, magnificent townhouses, and more. They are all great. And, frankly, they are all our of touch for most of us moneywise.

So, we will make your “house browsing” a little but easier with this list. It features a dozen properties currently for sale in Upstate New York.

These properties each come with a link to the full listing. You will linger over some of the out-of-this-world photographs for each property. Prices range from $3 million to a more reasonable $250,000. But each is a stunner in their own right.

Whether you like living in the heart of a big city, or cherish the privacy of a couple of hundred mountaintop acres in the middle of nowhere, you will find them all on this list.  From the Hudson Valley out to Western New York these really are some of the best of the best places for sale in Upstate New York right now.

For a little bit of something different, be sure and check out the last property on this list. It is a commercial listing. Talk about small town charm!  Yup, memories of Mayberry R.F.D.

Enjoy the listings and….dream on!

12 Upstate New York Homes For Sale That Will Blow Your Mind!

Today, with virtually every real estate listing featured somewhere online, “house brewing” is fun and easy to do. We make it even easier for you with this list of 12 amazing real estate listings that will have you dreaming! They are all homes, except the last one. Check that one out. Talk about small town wonderfulness!

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