Kampung homes in Singapore are few and far between.

And in an era of HDB BTOs, MOPs  (or whatever other acronym related to housing these days), it’s refreshing to come across a family that still lives in a kampung house.

In fact , the house, located on Jubilee Road, has been in the family for about six decades.

Anne Ho, a realtor based in Singapore, managed to share more about this gem of a home in Clementi.

On Thursday (Jan 26), she posted  a 43-second clip via her TikTok account Homesbyanne.


Watch until the end to see the interior😊 #sghouses #sghomes #realestate #kampung #nostalgic

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Anne stated that most of the “original houses” in the neighbourhood have either been demolished or rebuilt.

But this kampung home stood the test of time and you can understand why the family would pass it down from generation to generation.

In  land-scarce  Singapore, living in  a 6, 738 sq ft home must be  amazing.

The backyard had  room for  plants aplenty, with fruits such as mango, jackfruit and bananas.

As she walked around the house, Anne noted a few interesting features  such as the concrete grounds to help avoid muddiness should it rain.

The house itself is elevated, akin to a person on stilts. During the monsoon season, this would help avoid floods and it also cools the insides of the house.

Anne did a quick walk-through of the house and it must’ve felt like she travelled back in time.  

Nothing felt out of place and the house was modestly furnished, adding to the homely kampung feel.  

From the  television to the refrigerator, curtains to sofas, it was exactly what you’d expect to find in a 60s home.

The kitchen was massive and not many HDB flat kitchens could match it, size-wise.

A small flight of stairs from the kitchen would take you to the main section of the house, an airy walkway with the living room situated at the end.

In the comments section, netizens felt a sense of nostalgia and reminisced about their childhood days.

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One TikTok user took a sly jab at brand-new  homes by commenting: “The [kampung]  house quality lasts longer than current BTO  HDB  haha. ”

Others were awed by its beauty and called for this to be preserved and made into a heritage home.

Anne replied to an eager netizen who asked if the kampung house was for sale.

“Unfortunately, it’s not. We asked on behalf of a buyer, ” the girl said.

For reference, a  4, 424 sq feet landed house in the nearby Jalan Mas Puteh is selling for $5. 88 million on PropertyGuru .  

AsiaOne has reached out to the realtor for more information.

Recently, local influencer Liel Nicole highlighted   one specific kampung in the east  that recently opened its doors to be a photoshoot location .

According to her, this kampung home in Eunos was, apparently, built by her friend’s grandfather.

The influencer noted the verandah, living room and backyard as potential wedding photoshoot locations.

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