Apple has announced a major overhaul to your iPhone, with iOS 16 introducing a whole new look and function to your lock screen.

Today was another big announcement day for Apple. Among other things, they announced a massive overhaul to the iPhone coming in iOS 16, a new MacBook Air, and a ton of new software functionality across all Apple platforms.

Apple announced the new software and hardware elements at the keynote address, which kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week in California.

We’ll go into (a lot) more detail below, but here’s the quick summary of the major announcements:

  • A dramatic overhaul to iOS is coming in iOS 16;
  • New lock screen editing and widgets will make your iPhone more customizable than ever before;
  • Apple Wallet gets an improvement, with a new Apple Pay Later payment splitting feature (similar to PayPal’s Pay in Four feature);
  • Maps gets a major upgrade, with multi-stop functionality and Siri revisions on the fly;
  • A new Safety Check feature will allow people to turn off access to certain functions of their phone in case of emergency (like fleeing an abusive relationship);
  • CarPlay is going to revolutionize cars in the very near future, with a cool new entire dash system;
  • New MacBook Air with an all-new M2 chip, and cool colors is coming, and it’s thinner and lighter than ever before;
  • MacOS Ventura is coming and it’s bringing an amazing new multi-tasking tool called Stage Manager along with it;
  • Continuity between all your Apple devices is getting a huge upgrade;
  • iPad users have a host of new features to work with, and…
  • Gaming is getting a massive upgrade on Mac systems.

All of the releases are coming this Fall, but Apple did not give a specific date for the launches just yet. But here’s a deeper look at all the announcements.