The late David Jones was a local artist. A sale of his work is taking place at the Salar Gallery, and the proceeds will go to Hatherleigh Primary School.

My Dad died on 25th April 2021. He made art all his life and loved living in Devon; in Hatherleigh, Exeter and Iddesleigh. The Postie used to notice him sitting by the road drawing.

You may even come across beer mats he designed for some local pubs. There is a large painting in The Lighter Inn in Topsham, which was commissioned by the landlord. We are told they have had many offers for ‘Topsham Dream’ but it is not for sale. Dad worked as a journalist and designer for a number of publications but he always found time to paint even in his twenties.

He was self-taught, read widely and enjoyed attending life drawing regularly. There are some lovely drawings of our family and friends that we are keeping carefully. His love of Devon architecture and landscape started when, at eight years old, he was evacuated to a farm in Instow, Devon.

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A kindly lady neighbour taught him to draw. It seems he developed a desire to pay homage to past country life. In his last home he created an amazing fireplace based on etchings he studied of countrymen sitting around the fire. He was influenced by artists such as Rembrandt, Goya and Breughel and had a wide knowledge of many artists.

Dad encouraged me to become a teacher and I qualified to teach Art, Design and Photography alongside French at Winchester. Since his sudden death last year I have enjoyed sorting his work into some order. The pieces for sale in the Salar are those that we would like people to wish to own and display in their houses.

The profits from the sales will be given to Hatherleigh Primary School.