In your childhood or teenage years, you might have dreamt of owning your own castle or a treehouse. Maybe there would be slides and secret tunnels leading to hidden chambers. As an adult, in your mind, you might have upgraded to a pool, and a bar area, all preferably with a breathtaking view. Well, some children made their dreams come true and now they own the most bizarre homes ever.

On Zillow, the American tech real-estate marketplace that has gained quite a reputation on the internet as allegedly contributing to unaffordable housing, you can find all sorts of listings that are beyond imagination. From enormous villas to literal mancaves, you can find it all.

Thankfully an Instagram page called @zillowgonewild has got you covered with must-see Zillow listings in one place. So , pandas, we present you with these unique places in the hopes that seeing them will revive your inner child and make you look at housing a bit more creatively.

We wanted to get to know more about the creator of this Instagram page plus their view of the list. Therefore  Bored Panda   got in touch with the account owner. See the interview within the text below.